The Importance of Internal Marketing

Internal marketing The Importance of Internal MarketingInternal relationship is as important as the external relationships, especially to support the overall organizational performance. Good internal relationships will create individuals who are enthusiastic, warm, and very motivated to build the warmth of the external relationship.

An organization is very concerned about the long-term relationship with any party, both internal and external parties, describes the culture of quality service.

Often an organization too much attention to external customers and strive to always satisfy them as much as possible. In fact, employee service quality to external customers is largely determined by the internal service quality received by employees from both management and fellow employees.

Apparently this is what Philip Kotler is called internal marketing. Even mentioned that efforts to recruit, train and motivate employees to serve customers better, is a form of internal marketing practice itself. So it’s important for employees to understand and practice the principles of organizational management, including service to customers within their own organizations.

Through internal marketing, employees are conditioned to know and understand that management is very concerned with them, and strengthen the common goals between the company and employees. This condition is expected to close emotionally companies with employees, who then raised its employees’ commitment to provide the best service for customers that ultimately Building Service Culture in the organization could be accomplished

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