Being a Angry Leader or Professional Leader

angry1 Being a Angry Leader or Professional LeaderAs an employee, you may often get angry from the leader. Leaders usually get angry if a lot of problems especially if the implementation of tasks assigned to subordinates deviate from the goal.

R.J.House said that “Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organization….” So, if the leader was angry with his employees, so it could be a model of leadership in influencing and motivating employees and others in supporting the organization‘s effectiveness and success.

However, if the attitude of “get angry” can be called a professional attitude and actions of a leader in running the organization? Professional leadership is having the characteristics: (1) Considered to have a higher intelligence level compared to its employees, including the ability to understand the attitude and the nature of the employee. (2) Considered as human beings who are mentally and emotionally mature and adult, which is reflected in the attitude and nature-friendly, fair and honest, but clear. (3) Considered to have a strong stimulus to excel in, including assumed to have the ability to find the best way to achieve these goals, has the intelligence and tenacity to direct their employees to reach goals, able to overcome the problems with poise, and able to work motivation directed on its employees without losing patience. (4) Considered able to appreciate the usefulness of cooperation, which has the intelligence and ability to motivate and encourage employees and colleagues to work together to achieve goals.

If a leader has the professional capabilities such as the above characteristics, can he refer to as super-human? Of course not, because he was also human and he certainly have weaknesses, just like any other human. He only considered able to work more efficiently and rationally, and to run it, it is necessary character with integrity so that it can minimize the doubt and indecision, and improve coordination and communication intensity.

Expected to be virtuous leaders and have the main qualities, and excel in showing motivation and achievement based on organizational goals and objectives, and not just get angry.

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